Badminton prize money: how much is it?

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Badminton is considered to be one of the world’s most popular sports. The sport has an extensive fan base in the three most populous countries in the world: China, India, and Indonesia.

Badminton has developed rapidly in several non-Asian countries, including Spain. One of the main reasons is that the country gave birth to one of the most remarkable women’s singles badminton players of all time, the 2016 Rio Olympics gold medalist Carolina Marin.

The growth of badminton in some countries is accompanied by the development of badminton commercially. Badminton has become a sport that offers many advantages, so many new sponsors have sprung up.

Badminton athletes who have exemplary achievements can easily attract big sponsors with a value of millions of dollars every year. One of the spectacular ones is Pusarla V Sindhu from India, who made it to Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid female athletes.

Currently, badminton is one of the sports that offer relatively large prize money. Although quite small compared to other popular sports such as tennis and basketball, badminton athletes who excel can collect hundreds of thousands of dollars annually from the tournaments they win.

Kento Momota, a two-time world champion from Japan, collected over half a million dollars in 2019. He won many prestigious tournaments that year, including the All England Open.

Here is a rough calculation table of badminton prize money for the 2023-2026 calendar (excluding BWF Tour Super 100 and BWF Continental Circuit prize money).

Tournament Level Prize Money (in USD)
BWF World Tour Finals World Tour Finals 2,000,000
All England Open Super 1000 1,250,000
China Open Super 1000 2,000,000
Indonesia Open Super 1000 1,250,000
Malaysia Open Super 1000 1,250,000
China Masters Super 750 850,000
Denmark Open Super 750 850,000
French Open Super 750 850,000
India Open Super 750 850,000
Japan Open Super 750 850,000
Singapore Open Super 750 850,000
Australian Open Super 500 420,000
Canada Open Super 500 420,000
Finnish Open Super 500 420,000
Hong Kong Open Super 500 420,000
Indonesia Masters Super 500 420,000
Kumamoto Masters Japan Super 500 420,000
Korea Open Super 500 420,000
Malaysia Masters Super 500 420,000
Thailand Open Super 500 420,000
German Open Super 300 210,000
Hylo Open Super 300 210,000
Syed Modi India International Super 300 210,000
Korea Masters Super 300 210,000
New Zealand Open (canceled) Super 300 210,000
Orléans Masters Super 300 240,000
Spain Masters Super 300 210,000
Swiss Open Super 300 210,000
Taipei Open Super 300 210,000
Thailand Masters Super 300 210,000
US Open Super 300 210,000
Total 18,760,000

Prize money in badminton has been steadily increasing over the years due to the growing popularity of the sport and increased sponsorship and media coverage. High-profile tournaments, such as the BWF World Tour Finals and the All England Open, offer substantial prize pools, and winning these events can significantly impact a player’s career and financial standing.

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