Chou Tien Chen’s badminton racket (2023)

Chen sponsored by Yonex

by BWT Admin

Chou Tien Chen, or CTC, is a Taiwanese badminton player who plays in the men’s singles sector. He is known as a player accompanied by a personal physiotherapist instead of a coach. Even though it’s unusual, CTC, who is already in his thirties, has rich playing experience, and his current performance is relatively stable.

Currently, CTC is sponsored by the well-known badminton brand Yonex from Japan. For racket, CTC uses the Yonex Duora Z-Strike, an offensive racquet specially made to boost power, speed, and control, giving players a tactical upper hand on the court.

Yonex launched the latest Duora Z-Strike in 2017. This racket features many technologies. One of them is Horizontal-A Concept which has helped Yonex create the smallest frame in their history. The pattern anchors four strings horizontally to allow greater flex in the string bed and create an enlarged sweet spot at the top of the frame. So even off-center shots can be powerful.


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Chou Tien Chen - Taiwan’s Premier Badminton Player - BadmintonBites March 1, 2023 - 01:48

[…] world and is still off to make bigger ones. Taiwan’s premier badminton player has already worked with big sports brands like Yonex. His highest world rank is number two, and he’s currently playing in tournaments to keep ranking […]


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