Badminton Association of Indonesia

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The Badminton Association of Indonesia (Indonesian: Persatuan Bulu Tangkis Seluruh Indonesia or PBSI) is the national governing body of the sport of badminton in Indonesia.

Badminton Association of Indonesia
Formation 1951
Address Jl. Pelatnas PBSI Kel/Kec. Cipayung Jakarta Timur 13840 – Indonesia
Phone (+62 21) 8445079
Email [email protected]

Brief history

The Badminton Association of Indonesia was formed on May 5, 1951, in Bandung, West Java. The objective was to unite badminton associations in Indonesia, which operated independently without one goal and one ideal of the struggle for an independent state.

In a meeting of the important figures in Indonesian badminton on May 5, 1951, in Bandung, the PBSI was born and the meeting was recorded as the first PBSI congress.

Today, PBSI has become one of the largest national governing bodies for the sport of badminton in the world. PBSI organizes a lot of international badminton tournaments. The most famous one is the Indonesia Open, which offers the biggest prize money in the BWF World Tour circuit.

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