Badminton Australia

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Badminton Australia is the national governing body of the sport of badminton in Australia.

Badminton Australia

Badminton Australia
Formation 1935
Address Level 2, Sports House, 375 Albert Road, Albert Park VIC 3206
Phone +61 3 8319 5717

Brief history

Badminton in Australia has a rich history. Badminton was first played as early as 1874 in the continental country, with the first key competitive clubs established in the 1900s and from then it became a popular pastime for church groups which played the game in church halls.

The Australian Badminton Association (now Badminton Australia) was formed in 1935, one year after the formation of the International Badminton Federation (now Badminton World Federation).

Badminton Australia organizes some international badminton tournaments annually. One of them is the Australian Open, which becomes part of the BWF World Tour circuit since its development in 2018.

After the Badminton World Federation announced a revamped BWF World Tour for the 2023-2026 calendar in June 2022, the status of the Australian Open is upgraded from a Super 300 to a Super 500 event.

Australian national players

Australian national badminton players are known as The Falcons, who represent Australia at international competitions and all adhere to the values of being a Falcon.

  • Angela Yu
  • Athi Selladurai
  • Gronya Somerville
  • Jacob Schueler
  • Jack Yu
  • Keith Edison
  • Kaitlyn Ea
  • Mitchell Wheller
  • Kenneth Choo
  • Ming Chuen Lim
  • Louisa Ma
  • Nathan Tang
  • Milain Ranasinghe
  • Sylvinia Kurniawan
  • Tiffany Ho
  • Yingxiang Lin
  • Tran Hoang Pham
  • Gaving Ong
  • Wendy Chen
  • Joyce Choong

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