How to smash in badminton?

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Smash in badminton is a powerful and aggressive shot played from the backcourt, typically in response to the opponent’s high, short or weak return.

The smash is executed by hitting the shuttle downwards and steeply towards the opponent’s court with a lot of power and speed. This shot is usually played with an overhead hitting action, and the player jumps to generate more power and height for the shot.

The smash is considered one of the most important offensive shots in badminton, and it can be used to win points outright or to set up other attacking shots. However, the smash requires a high level of skill and timing, as well as good footwork and positioning, in order to execute it effectively and avoid making errors.

To execute a smash in badminton, follow these steps:

  1. Get into the right position: Move quickly to the backcourt and position yourself directly under the shuttlecock. Get into a strong, balanced stance with your non-racket foot slightly ahead of your racket foot and your weight on the balls of your feet.
  2. Prepare for the shot: As the shuttle approaches, turn your body sideways to the net, with your non-racket shoulder facing the net. Hold your racket with a firm grip, and draw it back behind your shoulder for maximum power.
  3. Jump and hit: Just as the shuttle begins to descend, jump up explosively, pushing off with your non-racket foot. As you jump, swing your racket forward with a smooth, fluid motion, and make contact with the shuttle at the highest point possible. Hit the shuttle with the top of the racket head, using a short, sharp wrist snap to generate power and speed.
  4. Follow through: After hitting the shuttle, follow through with your racket and body, landing on your non-racket foot first and then your racket foot. Aim to land in a strong, balanced position, ready to move quickly to the next shot.

Remember, the key to a successful smash is timing and technique. Practice your footwork, body positioning, and swing technique regularly to improve your smash and become a more effective attacker on the court.

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