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Watch badminton free on YouTube

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BWF TV is the official Badminton World Federation (BWF) YouTube channel that broadcasts most BWF events throughout the year. You can watch live broadcasts, replays, highlights, and more on the channel.

BWF TV enforces geo-block for countries where badminton tournament broadcast rights have been sold to local broadcasters. If your country is on the geo-block list, you must use a VPN to enjoy live broadcasts.

How to watch

  • First, you need to install a VPN app on your device. You can use a free or paid VPN service. But keep in mind that free services have limitations.
  • Next, choose a server in a country where badminton tournament broadcasting rights are not sold. You can regularly monitor the BWF website or social media for tournament broadcasters worldwide.
  • After finding the best server, open the BWF TV YouTube channel. Now you can watch live badminton broadcasts from your device. Make sure your internet network is stable.


There are more than 200 international badminton and para-badminton tournaments on the BWF annual calendar. However, BWF only broadcasts events in the BWF World Tour calendar and all the BWF major events, such as BWF World Championships, Thomas and Uber Cup Finals, and Sudirman Cup.

Since the BWF World Tour tournaments have different levels, the live broadcast schedules are also different.

  • Super 1000 tournaments start from the first round
  • Super 750 tournaments start from the first round
  • Super 500 tournaments start from the second round
  • Super 300 tournaments start from the semi-finals


Tournament Date Prize Money (USD)
Malaysia Open 10-15 $1,250,000
India Open 17-22 $850,000
Indonesia Masters 24-29 $420,000
Thailand Masters 31-05 $210,000


No World Tour tournaments held in February.


Tournament Date Prize Money
German Open 07-12 $210,000
All England Open 14-19 $1,250,000
Ruichang China Masters
14-19 $100,000
Swiss Open 21-26 $210,000
Spain Masters 28-02 $210,000


Tournament Date Prize Money
Orleans Masters 04-09 $210,000


Tournament Date Prize Money
BWF Sudirman Cup Finals
Malaysia Masters 23-28 $420,000
Thailand Open 30-04 $420,000


Tournament Date Prize Money
Singapore Open 06-11 $850,000
Indonesia Open 13-18 $1,250,000
Taipei Open 20-25 $210,000


Tournament Date Prize Money
Canada Open 04-09 $420,000
US Open 11-16 $210,000
Korea Open 18-23 $420,000
Japan Open 25-30 $850,000


Tournament Date Prize Money
Australia Open 01-06 $420,000
New Zealand Open 08-13 $210,000
BWF World Championships 21-27


Tournament Date Prize Money
China Open 05-10 $1,250,000
Indonesia Super 100 I
05-10 $100,000
BWF World Senior Championships 11-17
Hong Kong Open 12-17 $420,000
Vietnam Open
12-17 $100,000
Kaohsiung Open Super 100 26-01 $100,000


Tournament Date Prize Money
BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championships 02-08
BWF World Junior Championships 09-15
Arctic Open 10-15 $420,000
Abu Dhabi Masters
17-22 $100,000
Denmark Open 17-22 $850,000
French Open 24-29 $850,000
Indonesia Super 100 II
24-29 $100,000
Hylo Open 31-05 $210,000
Malaysia Super 100
31-05 $100,000


Tournament Date Prize Money
Korea Masters 07-12 $210,000
Kumamoto Masters Japan 14-19 $420,000
China Masters 21-26 $850,000
Syed Modi India International 28-03 $210,000


Tournament Date Prize Money
India Super 100 I
05-10 $100,000
India Super 100 II 12-17 $100,000
BWF World Tour Finals 13-17 $2,000,000

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