Porte de la Chapelle Arena, Paris 2024 Olympic badminton venue

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Badminton is one of the sports that will be competed at the 2024 Paris Olympics. The badminton matches are scheduled from 27 July to 5 August 2024 at the Porte de la Chapelle Arena in northern Paris.

One hundred seventy-two athletes will compete for gold medals in men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

The Porte de la Chapelle Arena is a new venue for the 2024 Paris Olympics, which will open in 2023. As soon as it opens, it will be home to Paris Basketball as its permanent club.

The Porte de La Chapelle Arena is designed to be environmentally friendly, with a medium capacity of 8,000 seats after the Olympics. In addition to badminton, this arena will also be a venue for rhythmic gymnastics, para-badminton, and para-powerlifting.

The Porte de La Chapelle Arena will have room for 6,700 spectators for badminton and para-badminton. For rhythmic gymnastics and para-powerlifting, the capacity will increase to 7,000 spectators.

The design of La Chapelle Arena is very environmentally friendly. 80% of the building surface will be covered with greenery, blending gracefully into the parks and gardens surrounding the site.

The facade will be coated with recyclable aluminum, and most building materials will be bio-based (mainly wood). The Arena design will also be universal: the main hall, surrounding facilities, and terraces throughout the complex will be accessible to everyone.

After the Olympics and Paralympics, the Porte de La Chapelle Arena will host top-level sporting tournaments, live shows, and other events in its main hall. A fitness center and other facilities will be open daily to people in the area.


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