Shi Yuqi must perform well at the 2022 World Championship and Japan Open

Otherwise, it will be difficult for him to take part in the big tournaments

by BWT Admin

Shi Yuqi in action at Indonesia Open 2018 (Fauzi Ananta / Wikimedia Commons)

Shi Yuqi is one of China’s top men’s singles discipline players. Unfortunately, he has missed a lot of big tournaments in recent months due to the sanction he got from the Chinese Badminton Association.

As is known, the Chinese Badminton Association imposed a one-year suspension on Shi Yuqi. It started when he decided to withdraw from the Thomas Cup semi-final after his opponent won the match point.

After the game, Shi Yuqi made some irresponsible and negative comments on the Internet. Those words and deeds were considered detrimental to the healthy and upward image of the national team athletes.

However, the Chinese Badminton Association lifted the ban after Shi Yuqi made a profound reflection and truly realized his mistakes. He was earnestly and diligently in training, showing a strong desire to re-enter the competition and continue to win glory for the country.

As a result, Shi Yuqi will return to the 2022 BWF World Championships in Tokyo, Japan, followed by the 2022 Japan Open.

However, since the Badminton World Federation has enforced the World Ranking unfreezing, Shi Yuqi must perform well in both tournaments so that he can easily participate in the big tournaments. Otherwise, he will have to start from the bottom again to gain the points.

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