Shi Yuqi to come back at the 2022 BWF World Championships

by BWT Admin

The 2022 BWF World Championships will be held in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan, from August 22 to August 28 this year.

Recently, the Chinese Badminton Association received a list of invitations from the Badminton World Federation, including the men’s singles player Shi Yuqi, who is currently suspended.

In October last year, in the Thomas Cup semi-final, Shi Yuqi decided to withdraw from the competition after his opponent won the match point.

After the game, he made some irresponsible and negative comments on the Internet. These words and deeds are detrimental to the healthy and upward image of the national team athletes.

After careful research by the Chinese Badminton Association and the national team, it was decided to impose a one-year suspension on Shi Yuqi.

During the suspension period, the Chinese Badminton Association and the national team conducted serious and severe criticism and education on Shi Yuqi.

Shi Yuqi himself also made a profound reflection and truly realized his mistakes. He was seriously and diligently in training, showing a strong desire to re-enter the competition and continue to win glory for the country.

Considering the above situation, after a comprehensive evaluation by the Chinese Badminton Association and the national badminton team, it was decided to accept the invitation of the Badminton World Federation and agree to Shi Yuqi’s participation in the 2022 BWF World Championships.

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