Should the BWF World Championships offer prize money?

by BWT Admin

The BWF World Championships is a prestigious badminton competition held annualy outside the Olympic year. This tournament is always followed by hundreds of players from dozens of countries.

The championships are not open, but invitational. Each country can only send a maximum of four representatives per event.

So far, China is the most succesfull nation at the BWF World Championships with 67 gold medals, followed by Indonesia with 23 gold medals, and Denmark in the third place with 10.5 golds.

The champions of the tournament will be awarded by gold medal. The player with the most gold medal is Lin Dan from China. He is regarded as the best shuttler all of time.

Unlike the other world championships for several sports such as swimming (governed by FINA), the BWF World Championships do not offer a dime. Hence, players compete only for gold, silver, or bronze medals.

Badminton legend from Malaysia, Rashid Sidek questioned BWF’s policy of not awarding money at the World Championships, Thomas and Uber Cups, Sudirman Cup, and several other important tournaments. According to Rashid, BWF should have started giving out prize money in these important tournaments.

Rashid asked for this because BWF had earned so much money from organizing the tournaments in the BWF World Tour circuit. Its value reaches tens of millions of dollars per year.

With such large funds, Rashid asked BWF to immediately give prize money to badminton athletes in the BWF World Championships and tournaments for which there was no prize money. According to him, these funds should really return to the hands of the badminton athletes.

Hearing Rashid’s words, BWF tried to straighten things out. As said by the Secretary General of BWF, Thomas Lund, it has become a tradition that there is no prize money from BWF in World Championship tournaments since it was held in 1977. Prize money has never existed in BWF policy in tournaments such as the Thomas and Uber Cups, Sudirman Cup, and the World Junior Championships.

BWF also ensures that everything they earn will return to badminton. However, all the money is more funneled into other things such as the development of the sport as well as paying for marketing and various other things.

The BWF World Championships are comparable to a Grand Slam tournament in tennis, which offers more than 40 million dollars in prize money. As badminton fans, we think that this championship should offer a large prize money.

What do you think about this one?

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